TRAM® TR50 Lavalier Microphone


When it was introduced, the TRAM® TR50 miniature microphone revolutionized the industry- it has become the standard in feature film, television production and other areas of the entertainment industry. In addition to its diminutive size and superior sound quality, the TR-50 offers a combination of features that are simply not offered by any other microphone.

The TRAM® TR50 miniature professional lavalier microphone answers the needs of even the most demanding sound recording engineer. It has been designed with the latest electret development and electronics technology, to provide high sound quality with little or no visibility. Its small size and unique design permit a variety of uses and fastening options, that make it ideal for unobtrusive appearance and hidden mic use. The tiny omni-directional capsule features minimum sound coloration and is therefore easily combined with boom mics during post production. A variety of accessories makes mounting the mic on or under clothing easy, with reliable results.

The extended frequency response range and omni-directional characteristics have been designed to satisfy the most stringent requirements in all professional audio fields, particularly film and TV production.

The TR50 is available with a variety of connectors (Micro-Mini, Lemo (4, 6 or 8pin), Mini Switchcraft (3, 4 or 5pin), Sony, Sennheiser, etc.) For direct attachment to any wireless microphone transmitter. In addition to its use with wireless transmitters, the TR-50 can be used as a low impedance hard-wired microphone with the TR-79 power supply. 12/48v phantom powering (in addition to internal powering) is available on all TR-50*PS microphones and TR-79+ positive bias power supplies.

The TR79 power supply provides a balanced transformer output to an XLR connector and uses an Eveready 357 battery. The battery compartment is designed to permit only one insertion direction, so the polarity cannot be reversed. This compartment is accessible by turning the black plastic end cap counter clockwise and pulling firmly. The battery is removed by pushing it out with a sharp object through the hole provided in the bottom of’ the compartment.


When using the Clip On and Tape Down Holders under clothing, mount the mic with the back out (facing clothing), as the back of the microphone housing has less rubbing noise than the front grid. There will be no reduction in audio sensitivity. These accessories are available in Black, Gray, Tan or white.


TR79 Power Supply

Provides powering and balanced XLR output to the TR50 miniature microphone. Available in two powering configurations (microphone bias must match power supply bias.):

Negative bias, operates on internal battery only

Positive bias, operates on internal battery or external 12-48V phantom power.

Connection between the TR50 and TR79 is through a connector of choice (from an extensive list), matching the connector used by an accompanying wireless transmitter if required.

  • TR79 Features:
    • Tube-style power supply for TR50 mic
    • Single Mallory RM675 or equivalent battery
    • Balanced output on XLR connector
    • 18mm x 85mm
    • Output impedance 250Ω

TR79ML Detachable Power Supply With TB5M Connector For Use With TRAM TR50 Mics Wired For Lectrosonics


TR79 Power Supply Hard-Wired To
TRAM TR50B Lavalier Mic



Positive Bias or Negative Bias?  What's the Difference?
This is an extremely popular question.  Click Here for the answer.




There are are generally 3 types of repairs with TRAM® microphones:

If you are still lost and have no idea whether it can be fixed or not or what component is at fault, you can send us everything and we can figure it out for you! 

To Send us your TRAM® Microphone for Repair, please complete a Repair Form.  The address to ship to is on the form.  The average repair cost is approximately $45 plus shipping.  We suggest you pre-authorize $55, in case we need a few additional parts (new connector, etc.).  Please Note that a $22.00 service charge, plus return shipping (if you want it back) will apply to all refused repair estimates.



Manufacture Warranty
TRAM® microphones are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from date of purchase. During this one year period, and upon proof of purchase, your microphone will be repaired or replaced, at the manufacture's option, without charge for either parts or labor, provided the microphone is sent prepaid to the manufacture. This warranty will not apply if the microphone has been misused, abused, incorrectly wired or altered. Warranty repair/replacement does not extend this warranty.  To send in a warranty repair, you should send it back to the dealer you purchased it from along with a copy of your bill of sale.  The dealer will then in-turn forward the mic back to TRAM® for repair or replacement. is not the manufacture, we are only an authorized distributor and therefore only handle warranty repairs on TRAM® microphones that we have sold.

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