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Tram TR50BMLXL+ Lavalier Mic Black With Mini 5pin Female XLR (TA5F) Connector

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Lavalier Mic, Black, With Mini 5pin Female XLR (TA5F) Connector, For Lectrosonics Wireless (M UM SM), Positive Bias, Includes Detachable Pwr Supply (Batt/12/48V Phantom), Carrying Case & Six Mic Clips
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Mic, Lavalier, Electret, Black, With TA5F Connector, Separate Power Supply, For Use With Lectro Wireless Systems Or Like A Hardwired Lavalier System.

Work With Lectrosonics Transmitter Models:
• Lectrosonics M185 M187 UM190 UM190B UM195 UM195B UM200C UM250
• Lectrosonics UM400 UM400A UM450 SM SMD SMQ Sma SMDa Smv

• TR50B Lavalier Mic With A TA5F Connector (Positive Bias)
• Tr79+ Power Supply (Positive Bias) [Input: 5pin Male Mini XLR Output: 3pin Male Standard Size XLR]
• Six Mic Clips & Carrying Case

• Wide Frequency Response
• Tiny & Light
• Reliable & Rugged
• Minimum Rubbing Noise
• Easily Hidden
• Conveniently Attached With A Wide Assortment Of Clips
• Accepts 12/48V Phatom Power

TR50 Mic Head Specifications:
• Size: .18" X .300" X .55" (4.57 X 7.6 X 14 mm) [Does Not Include Strain Relief]
• Type: Omni-Directional Electret Condenser
• Frequency Response: 40-16000 Hz
• Noise Level: 26db Equivalent To Spi
• Maximum Spl: 134db
• Output Level: -57db
• Nominal Impedance: 3000ohm
• Operating Voltage: 1.5VDC
• Current Drain: 20-30 Microamps
• Color: Standard: Black Special Order: Gray, Flesh/Tan, White
• Bias: Positive

Tr79+ Power Supply Specifications:
• Nominal Impedance: 250 Ohms
• Output: Balanced Via A Standard 3pin XLR Male
• Current Drain: 80-100 Microamps
• Battery: 1.5VDC Button Cell; S1154s, Rm675, Ms76, etc.
• Bias: Positive
• Accepts Phantom Power: Yes
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